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5-Week Practice Challenge

  • For Elementary-school guitar students in Dr. McGrath's studio

  • 5-week challenge, leading up to EXAMS in May

  • Each minute of practice = 1 point

  • Each week starts on your lesson day. (Don't start a new row until your lesson day, and you can count your lesson time toward that new week!)

  • Count up points for each week and see what your 5-week total can reach!

  • "Buy" cool prizes/items with your points by Friday, May 28th 

  • Use this website to look at the items that are up for grabs, and the points that they "cost"

  • Note the NUMBER of each item. I will have a form that you will fill out at the end of the challenge where you will indicate what you wish to "purchase" in different options. If too many people want the same thing, I will do a random draw to see who gets the prize!

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